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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Low Hanging Balls

As Peter says, we might not have done too well at hitting them but the Bald Golf Days turned out to be  hit up affair. The days created a lot of publicity for the bald cause and Blokes in general.

 Not to mention our teaming up with Canteen, the Teenage cancer organisation where we proudly supported and gave funds back to the organisation via the golf days, Go kart nights and other events. As a result Steve even ended up on the Canteen board for a year.

canteen logo hp


The Bald guys were up and about with countless requests for interviews form radio and television. Very hard to do while school bells are going off in the background.

Even the talk shows wanted to get in on the act, realising that there was something with all these bald guys. Maybe we should have briefed Angry a bit better though.....